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Why Peloton

In the world of long-distance cycling, no one rides alone. The peloton, or group of riders in a race, provides efficiency, conserves energy and gives the entire group the advantage of synchronization. Think birds flying in formation or fish gliding as a school. Basically, it’s the best way to get the team across the finish line.

We’ve applied the same principles to what we do at Peloton. Efficiency across the board. Experts only. No expensive open-office workspaces. No CTOs, CMOs or other acronyms that you have to look up. Instead, we’re a remote network of digital specialists who use design and code to solve problems and meet business goals.


With each new project, we simply assemble the team that best meets the needs of the project. Every project is different, so we think those project-specific teams should look different as well, though each led by an experienced project manager.

Your project may only require a front-end developer. Or, if you’re working on something more complex, you may need a user interface designer, system architect, server-side developer, database administrator, front-end developer and QA tester.

Whatever the project, large or small, you’ll have the advantage of a specialized team focused on delivering the absolute best end result.

We enjoy the extraordinary intersection of freedom and collaboration we have here at Peloton. Each of the specialists that make up our community has both deep technical and client experience and is ready to hit the ground running on your project.

Reach out and let’s get started.


We offer the efficiency and experience to get your next project off the ground on time and on budget. Please fill out this form or email us at to start the conversation.